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Architecture Without Architects: A Short Introduction to Non-pedigreed Architecture

is a book based on the NYC MoMA exhibition of the same name by Bernard Rudofsky originally published in 1964.


how much more can we be ‘pedigreed’ ?

being (close) to informal settlements

  • four weeks in China, 2008 after the earthquake.
  • two weeks in Haiti, 2010 after the earthquake.
  • one week in Indonesia, 2015 after the tsunami. each place was different

urbanism without (centralized) planning

=> basically informal settlements

Discussed with Moroccan reseachers focusing low income social housing area.

Did not mention ‘slum’ but yet very informal..

Special Thanks to:
Mohammed Aqil Cheddadia
Hafsa Rifki


us them
banks / bitcoin daret
  • bitcoin is centralized into 4 mining hubs, despite it’s architecture being decentralized

  • similar informal loan systems are present in different areas.


Cristian's example

Sensing Data

us them
Garbage trucks w/ sensors Ask resource collectors


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Pokemon Go Carteiro Amigo
Gabi's example

sharing spaces

us them
Airbnb lending your living room to neighbors

  • we lost while developing:

four kids talking, (and a defunct robot) by their own in a empty plot near a construction site

As we get older, we will be the ones that need help.

(not just population boost by immigration)